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1939 Drive Club

“Own a Porsche? Porsche Now Richmond invites you to join 1939 Drive Club. 1939 Drive Club goes above and beyond for its members to provide a community for Porsche enthusiast to meet and collaborate while hosting exclusive events. The purpose of this club is to allow fellow Porsche enthusiast to share their passion for the drive and vehicles with one another. 1939 Drive Club provides unique opportunities for people who enjoy performance driving, mechanics and the Porsche Brand. 1939 Drive Club intends to have many events in the near future, whether that be Track days, or in-house workshops.

Don't own a Porsche yet? Join 1939 Drive Club's Test Drive Program. The Test Drive program will be able to inform and guide you through the many benefits of owning a Porsche.  The Test Drive Program will also let you experience the fun of having a Porsche in your Driveway and is a great way to start the ownership of your first Porsche. Listed below are some of the exclusive events 1939 Drive Club intends to host in the near future. Owning a Porsche is truly and all in one lifestyle experience! Join 1939 Drive Club today!


Sunday Drives

Join 1939 Drive Club for a Sunday Drive through one of our many routes in the BC lower mainland.

Mechanical Workshops

1939 Drive Club's Mechanical workshops will provide you the opportunity to chat with certified Porsche Technicians to understand what makes Porsche, truly a Porsche. Mechanical workshops can also teach members the technical specs of your Porsche.

Sunday Cars and Breakfast

In the winter time, 1939 Drive Club understands it is not the most ideal conditions to enjoy a spirited drive. Therefore, we will host exclusive get togethers at Porsche Now Richmond. Sunday Cars and Breakfast will allow 1939 Drive Club members to enjoy breakfast while conversating over the cars.

Track Day Events

For those of who are interested in high performance driving, you will be pleased to know that the 1939 Drive Club will also be hosting track day events in the summer time. Track Day events showcase the real performance of the cars in a controlled environment. 



If you would like to join 1939 Drive Club, Please fill out the following information. We welcome you to 1939 Drive Club.”


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